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About Us.

Our story

InstantMD is a Spokane, Washington based company founded by two registered nurses, certified specialists in occupational health. These owners have combined fifty plus years of experience as nurses and in the field of occupational health and workers’ compensation management.

As owners and managers of Occupational Health Solutions, Inc. (OHS) since 2002 they have assisted employers throughout the Northwest to prevent and manage worker injuries by offering a variety of occupational health services including 24/7 nurse access. The need for improved treatment options for injured workers has been an ongoing topic of discussion between employers in the Northwest and OHS. InstantMD is meeting this need.

The why

The cost of worker injuries is significant to the worker, their family and the employer. Treatment providers are often unfamiliar with the work environment, the specific requirements of the job, and the employers’ capacity to accommodate work restrictions.

InstantMD physicians tailor their patient practice to the unique needs and concerns of the worker and his or her work environment. They strive to provide quality care to the injured worker, a cost-effective treatment plan, and timely return-to-work. Whether on the telemedicine camera or in our local clinic, injured workers can be assured that the InstantMD physicians understand the mechanism of their injury, the force it plays in their personal life and its potential impact on their ability to perform productive work.