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Medical Surveillance

    What is it and why is it done? The purpose of medical surveillance in the workplace is for the early identification of conditions, if any, that could present an increased risk of adverse health effects related to the job being...

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The History of Workers Compensation

Workers compensation, at its foundation, is a system of laws to protect employees from economic hardship occurring as a result of industrial illness or injury. Individual states create and maintain their own programs, and every worker is...

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DOT Medical Exams

The Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) requires Commercial Drivers’ to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and a DOT medical certification. This DOT medical exam must be provided by a DOT certified examiner and must be obtained...

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Need Help With a Work Injury?

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About InstantMD

InstantMD is an occupational health and work injury clinic in Spokane, WA that also offers a telemedicine service at the worksite. Our licensed providers specialize in occupational medicine and worker injury treatment. InstantMD providers see patients with all kinds of work-related injuries in the Spokane Clinic. Via telemedicine at the worksite they assess and treat work injuries and workers’ personal health issues as well. From sprains and strains, to hazardous exposures and fitness-for-duty concerns, our team of nurses and providers help workers get better and stay at work.