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DOT Medical Exams

DOT Medical Exams

dot-medical-examsThe Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) requires Commercial Drivers’ to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and a DOT medical certification. This DOT medical exam must be provided by a DOT certified examiner and must be obtained at least every two years. Certain medical conditions require a more frequent examination.

Some employers of DOT drivers pay for DOT medical exams for their Driver employees, others do not. And, self-employed Drivers or Independent Drivers are required to pay for this examination personally. The cost for this exam varies from town to town and among providers. Private payers should expect to pay $80 to $120. This is not an examination that is covered by medical insurers. However, if the DOT certified examiner identifies the need for additional testing in order to determine certification the Driver may be referred to a primary care giver for further evaluation. This and any recommended diagnostic testing is often covered by medical insurers. The DOT Certified Examiner may request records from the Driver’s primary care provider in order to understand the Driver’s medical history and any current treatment. The Driver will be asked to authorize the DOT Certified Examiner to obtain any needed records to sign a release.

When choosing a provider for a DOT medical certification exam an Employer or a Driver should ask if the provider is certified with the DOT, the price and payment options of the examination and, wait time to obtain the examination either by appointment or walk-in.

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