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What if you could

See a Doctor

while at work?

With InstantMD, You Can.

Injury or Illness
at Work

Injuries and illnesses happen. Let us help you deal with them in the most effective way.

Instant Diagnosis
& Treatment

Consult with our highly qualified physicians on camera via a secure internet connection or in our Spokane, WA clinic.

Telemedicine from Any Workplace or Our Local Spokane, WA Work Injury Clinic

Receive treatment recommendations prescribed on camera at your workplace or in our Spokane, WA clinic.

The Benefits of Occupational Telemedicine.

Save Time

Avoid time away from work and long waits in the urgent care or emergency room for assessment and treatment of non-urgent injuries and illnesses.

Save Money

Industrial telemedicine helps avoid the cost of doctors’ office visits and co-pays. Enjoy the savings that result from timely diagnosis and treatment for your worker medical care.

Less Hassle

No travel. No traffic. No crowded waiting rooms. No exposure to contagious illnesses. No need to leave work.

Not Just Telemedicine,
Workplace Telemedicine.

Immediate Care

Using precision cameras and telemedicine software, industrial telemedicine appointments are immediate and thorough. Our providers can provide immediate worker medical care in multiple ways – via fixed telemedicine kiosks in the workplace, home computers, or mobile devices.

Available 24/7

Injuries don’t only happen 8-5. Our nurses and providers are staffed 24/7/365 to handle worker injuries and incidents when they happen. All care will be coordinated by our staff of occupational nurse specialists and all sessions will be conducted by our certified providers.

Certified Providers

All of our providers are board certified practitioners and occupational medicine experts with an average of 10 years’ experience. Our talented and experienced team of occupational health nurses and providers are your front-line for worker injury care management and treatment.

What InstantMD Does.

Let’s Get Started.