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What We Do.


Spurred by health care trends and technological advances, care-at-a-distance or “telemedicine” is growing into a mainstream industry. Already widely used to provide health care remotely for individuals in rural, underserved and off-shore locations, InstantMD now tailors this revolutionary approach to the unique needs and concerns of occupational health care. InstantMD provides employers a cost-effective and innovative alternative to the current less-than-efficient options available for the assessment and treatment of non-emergent worker injuries and illnesses.


Using secure, HIPPA compliant, high-quality two-way video software and medical exam tools, InstantMD delivers workplace clinic care on-site, 24-hours a day. Staffed by state licensed physicians, InstantMD’s 24/7 service includes on-site non-urgent care and follow-up care for worker injuries.  InstantMD physicians also staff a Spokane, WA clinic for worker injury treatment.