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Medical Surveillance Exams.

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Hexavalent Chromium Testing

Chromium VI compounds are found in a variety of workplaces; ranging from chrome plating to construction. Materials that contain these compounds include:

  • mist from plating solutions of chromic acid.
  • primers and paints containing chromates.
  • fume released during welding of stainless steel.
  • chromate pigments in dyes, inks, and plastics.
  • fume released during smelting of ferrochromium ores.
  • portland cement.

Without preventive measures, workers exposed to materials containing chromium VI are put at risk for serious health consequences ranging from skin irritation to lung cancer. The information and resources provided on this topic page can help keep employees safe and working.

General rules: WAC 296-62-08003

Polices: Chromium VI (WRD 12.80)

If your company has the potential for chromium exposure, InstantMD can assist in determining the presence of a Chromium exposure exceeding the permissible levels.

If you have known exposure to Chromium, InstantMD can provide the medical surveillance as required under the regulation.

In accordance with the Medical Surveillance requirements, InstantMD will perform the following:

Initial Exam:

  • Ht/Wt, Vitals
  • Spirometry
  • Respirator questionnaire review
  • Provider exam
  • Chest x-ray

Annual Exam:

  • Ht/Wt, Vitals
  • Spirometry
  • Provider exam

These can be performed either in our clinic or on-site at your facility (on-site minimum of five (5) employees to be tested).

InstantMD offers: