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Work Injuries

Heading: Sprains, Strains, Aches and Pains

Sprains, Strains, Aches and Pains

Whether soft-tissue injuries, or symptoms of repetitive trauma, you receive expert care at InstantMD.

Heading: Sprains, Strains, Aches and Pains

Slips, Falls, and other Calamities

Workplaces can be hazardous environments where injuries occur. We can help with diagnosis, treatment, and return-to-work.

Heading: Sprains, Strains, Aches and Pains

Occupational Overuse and Deterioration

Hard work over many years is a set-up for injury. If it happens to you we can help.  Early intervention can minimize injuries.

Treating Work Injuries Right

Telemedicine at the WorksiteWhen injuries happen, prompt, effective care is essential. At InstantMD, our focus is treating work injuries of all kinds. We believe it is important to assure an accurate diagnosis, implement an appropriate treatment plan, and monitor progress to pre-injury status adjusting treatment as needed to achieve this goal. Via our work injury clinic in Spokane, WA our licensed health professionals will help injured workers get the care they need to return to gainful employment.
InstantMD practitioners help both workers and employers manage injuries. From fitness-for-duty and DOT Exams (DOT Physicals), to Medical Surveillance, to work injury treatment, to telemedicine at the worksite, InstantMD is your work injury treatment and prevention solution.

Need Help With a Work Injury?

InstantMD, located in central Spokane, is easy to find. Drop-in, or schedule an appointment today.

About InstantMD

InstantMD is an occupational health and work injury clinic in Spokane, WA that also offers a telemedicine service at the worksite. Our licensed providers specialize in occupational medicine and worker injury treatment. InstantMD providers see patients with all kinds of work-related injuries in the Spokane Clinic. Via telemedicine at the worksite they assess and treat work injuries and workers’ personal health issues as well. From sprains and strains, to hazardous exposures and fitness-for-duty concerns, our team of nurses and providers help workers get better and stay at work.