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Workplace Telemedicine.

Telemedicine at the Worksite

Workplace telemedicine, using secure, HIPAA compliant, high-quality two-way video software InstantMD helps employers 24/7 by providing quality assessment and treatment of worker injuries and illnesses while at work. The ability to evaluate and treat employees at work has proven effective in improving the productivity of the workforce, controlling medical costs, reducing OSHA recordable injuries, and, reducing workers’ compensation expense.

Staffed by state licensed practitioners, our services include on-site first care and follow-up care of worker injuries and other non-urgent personal medical concerns. Employers appreciate significant direct and indirect cost savings with InstantMD first and foremost by keeping workers at work.

InstantMD provides onsite medical care with telemedicine technology to workers for a fixed monthly cost to the employer.

Expert Care for Work Injuries
When They Happen

When a work injury happens, fast, quality care matters. Especially if a facility is in a remote location, it can be challenging to deal with injuries in an effective manner.

Workplace telemedicine offers employers a way to immediately address workplace injuries when and where they happen. Workplace telemedicine offers employers a strong, competent front-line in dealing with workplace injuries.

Our certified providers specialize in all manner of occupational health, including L&I cases. Utilizing precision cameras and efficient telemedicine software, workers can have a full diagnostic session with a provider from anywhere with an Internet connection (including mobile).

Successful injury treatment start with prompt, effective care. With telemedicine, nurses and providers can get involved early, and can stay involved. Telemedicine allows employers to offer on-demand, high-quality injury care for their workers.

Please contact us to discuss what workplace telemedicine can offer to your workers and your workplace.